Yvonne M. Chase, PhD, LCSW, ACSW

Yvonne M. Chase, PhD, LCSW, ACSW

President Elect, National Association of Social Workers

Yvonne M. Chase is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Human Services at the University of Alaska/Anchorage. Dr. Chase’s prior experience includes serving as deputy commissioner for two state departments in Alaska and one in Washington State. She also has significant experience in the non-profit sector. Dr. Chase holds a bachelor’s degree in sociology from Loyola University in Chicago, a master’s in social work from Howard University in Washington, DC, and a doctorate in social work from Norfolk State University. Her areas of interest include social work ethics, child welfare, serving diverse client populations and the global social work community. She is currently co-principal investigator of a US Department of Agriculture funded research project. This research investigates the ways in which adults, children, and adolescents learn and communicate about sex, reproductive health, HIV/AIDS acquisition, prevention and treatment, and alcohol and drug use.

She was most recently Treasurer, NASW Insurance Company Inc. (NASWIC) but has retired from NASWIC after being elected to NASW Board of Directors, NASW President-Elect.

NASW Involvement:

President, Alaska Chapter (1984–1988); National Board of Directors (1998–2001); National Board Executive Committee (1999–2001); Executive Committee member (1999–2000 & 2000–2001); Chair, NASW National Committee on Inquiry (2001–2005); Board member, NASW Insurance Trust (2005–2007); Board member & Treasurer, NASW Assurance Services, Inc. (2007–2011); Board member & Treasurer, NASWIC, (2009–present); Board member, RRG (2012–present); Chair, NASW Task Force on Professional Review (June 2003–June 2005); Chair, Gosnell Scholarship Committee (2011–present); Member, Competence Certification Commission (2011– present); and Chair, Chapter / National Modernization Task Force (2012–2015). Dr. Chase has served as a presenter for the NASW Assurance Services Risk Management Program since 2006.